National Tequila Day

Celebrate National Tequila Day at No Mas!

TequilaBOTTLESTequila, by any other name... no, not quite.  In fact, in order for it to be called Tequila, it must be made in Tequila, Mexico.  IMG_5678The Agave, a succulent plant related to asparagus, is harvested for it's "piña" core, which is roasted, pressed, the juices fermented, then aged appropriately, depending on the type of Tequila in production: silver, reposado, or añejo.

The Journey to Tequila

IMG_5637No Mas! made a trip to Tequila, visiting the fields where Agave is grown and harvested, working with the Jimadors to experience the cutting of the Agave, exposing the "piña", IMG_5624which is roasted, pressed, and the juices then distilled.  The distilled juice, call "Blanco" or Silver Tequila, may then be aged in various ways, in different types of wood barrels, to produce a wide range of tastes, as Reposados or Añejos, that may be savored and sipped from a snifter, to enjoy all the nuance of flavor.

Tequila Can Help You Lose Weight - ? Really

It's been reported that Agavins, the natural form of sugar found in the Agave plant (from which Tequila is made) are non-digestible and can act as dietary fiber, so would not raise blood glucose, and may actually reduce glucose levels. NoMasSantosClassicMargaritaReally fascinating, anyway, but if you'd like to try our "skinny" Margarita, just ask for our "Santos", a classic Margarita with no "mix", just fresh squeezed lime juice, Tequila, and orange liqueur.

No Mas! Serves 80+ Tequilas

Whether you belly-up to our 50 foot bar, relax on our covered patio, or enjoy a spot in our 350+ seat restaurant, you can find your new favorite Tequila at No Mas!  Sip, compare - and make any Tequila a Margarita for just 5o¢ more. Happy National Tequila Day!