Hispanic Heritage Month: A Celebration of 4 States of Mexico at No Mas!®, "The Best of Mexico"

Hispanic Heritage Month

Hispanic Heritage Month pays tribute to the generations of Hispanic Americans who have positively influenced and enriched our nation and society.  No Mas!® celebrates Hispanic Heritage Month, September 15 - October 15 2018

No Mas!® Hacienda & Cantina, the well known Mexican Restaurant + Artisan Market, will host a tribute to four states of Mexico: Oaxaca, Yucatan, Michoacán, and Jalisco, during Hispanic Heritage Month, in conjunction with the Mexican Consulate and the Mexico Tourism Board. Each of the four weeks will focus on one state, featuring their classic dishes in the Cantina and folk art from that region in the Artisan Market, with a presentation each Saturday. "We will show the culinary heritage of four Mexican states," explained Melody Voirin, the Cantina's executive chef. "Our guests will have the opportunity to taste the black mole of Oaxaca and other traditional flavors during the first week, and cochinita pibil from the state of Yucatan in the second week." Following in week three will be Carnitas Estilo Michoacán, the region's celebrated fried pork, particularly famous in the Quiroga municipality of the state. Traditionally prepared in huge copper pots (made in Santa Clara del Cobre), different parts of the pig are fried in lard from the same animal. The meat is served in tacos with corn tortillas, cilantro, onion, sauces, and lime. Tortas Ahogadas, a favorite of Jalisco, will be featured the fourth week. The owners of No Mas!®, Walt Bilinski and Steve MacNeil, true lovers of Mexico, travel all throughout the country, bringing back the culture, crafts, art, and cuisine for Atlanta to experience and enjoy. "We invite you to come celebrate with us. See for yourself some of the authentic art, crafts, and dishes we have found during our 23 years of traveling south of the border." [gallery columns="5" ids="7904,7906,7894,7895,7896,7897,7898,7903,7902,7901"]

Hispanic Heritage Month Events

Oaxaca September 15-22

Menu specialty: Pollo en Mole Negro Traditional black mole, made from chocolate and 28 different spices and the chilhuacle chile, only grown in the state of Oaxaca.  This rich, dark, chile sauce is served over grilled chicken breasts, with garden rice, black beans, and maduros. Saturday, September 22nd11:30 am Workshop: What is an Alebrije and how to paint it.  Same day registration is required due limited seating. 5:30 pm Folk dances from the Guelaguetza Festival / Oaxaca, presented by the dance group Euzakal. In the Artisan Market: Popular handcrafts exhibition and who are the artisans who create them. No Mas! Perro AlebrijeFlor de pina - Euazkal / Oaxaca

Yucatán September 23 to 29

Menu specialties: No Mas! - Cochinita PibilCochinita Pibil Traditional dish from the Yucatán. Pork, marinated in citrus juices, seasoned with achiote, wrapped in banana leaves, and roasted. Topped with pickled red onions and cilantro.  Served with corn tortillas, guacamole, Mexican rice, and black beans.   Pescado Pibil Red snapper, marinated in citrus juices, seasoned with achiote, and cooked in banana leaves.  Topped with pickled red onions and cilantro. Served with garden rice, black beans, corn tortillas, and guacamole. Saturday, September 29th11:30 am Workshop: What is an Alebrije and how to paint it.  Same day registration is required due limited seating. 6 pm Yucatecan folk dance exhibition, with Alma Mexicana Danza Folklórica dance troupe In the Artisan Market: Popular handcrafts exhibition and who are the artisans who create them.   Alma Mexicana Danza Folklórica dancer CUAlma Mexicana Danza Folklórica LOGOAlma Mexicana Danza Folklórica female dancerAlma Mexicana Danza Folklórica male dancer    

Michoacán September 30 to October 6

Menu specialty: Carnitas Estillo Michoacán Originating from the state of Michoacán, carnitas are a rich braised pork dish, topped with diced red onions and cilantro. Served with corn tortillas, guacamole, Mexican rice, black beans, and salsa verde. Saturday, October 6th11:30 am Demonstration of how to make handmade chocolates with traditional elements of Mexican cuisine, with Chef Alejandra Peek.  Same day registration is required due limited seating. In the Artisan Market: Popular handcrafts exhibition and who are the artisans who create them.

Jalisco October 7 to 13

Menu specialty: No Mas! Tortas AhogadasTortas Ahogadas A typical dish from the state of Jalisco, originating in Guadalajara. Many say a visit to Guadalajara would not be complete without enjoying one. Birote bread, "drowned" in guajillo sauce, is filled with carne de barbacoa, avocado, queso fresco, and onion. Served with yucca fries and a glove. ;)Saturday, October 13th5:00 pm  Equestrian charreria skill demonstration.  Closely related to ranching, charreria is a competitive rodeo displaying a beautiful combination of control of the horse and the rider's lasso skills. 5:30 pm Mariachi music Tequila tasting (patio) In the Artisan Market: Popular handcrafts exhibition and who are the artisans who create them.

The Best of Mexico

No Mas!®, truly "The Best of Mexico", feels like a little trip to Mexico with both Shopping + Dining; adestination experience in downtown Atlanta. Originally founded in 1996 as No Mas!® Productions in West Midtown, the business is true to its name, which literally means "no mass productions".  "All of our works are original, unique, and created by the hand of talented Mexican craftsmen," states owner Walt Bilinski.

More About No Mas!®

No Mas!® Cantina & Artisan Market opened in Castleberry Hill the summer of 2006.  Seating 350+, with a large covered patio, No Mas!® Cantina serves authentic favorites and innovative specialties for groups large and small, starting with breakfast daily in ADios Café.  With catering a specialty and private areas for events, No Mas!® perfects venue service for all celebrations. Under the same roof, No Mas!® Artisan Market offers handcrafted furnishings, décor, art, silver jewelry, and gifts from more than 500 artisans in Mexico.  The owners, Walt & Steve, bring back the culture of Mexico from their extensive travels, as they search for and meet with artisans all throughout Mexico. With these personal relationships, No Mas!® offers custom designs as well.  Believing we are "parte de algo más grande", No Mas!® provides a sales avenue for many independent artisans of Mexico, often from remote areas.  The interior design of the No Mas!® restaurant + store complex showcases this company's capabilities in a real operating restaurant environment. No Mas!® Productions Inc has been designing restaurant interior decor and furniture packages for many brands since 1996, first in its original west Atlanta location.  Working with architects, designers, the hospitality industry, and individuals, every material from stone, to wrought iron, carved wood, copper, blown glass, ceramic, etc., is used in the creation of furniture, sinks, tubs, lighting, doors, sculptures, glassware, and architectural accents. Located in historic Castleberry Hill, the premier art district just south of downtown Atlanta.  Walk from Centennial Olympic Park – half a mile south of Mercedes-Benz Stadium, CNN, Phillips Arena, GWCC, GA Aquarium, and other downtown attractions. Private parking in the lot on the Haynes Street side. Valet available on weekends and special events.