Best Mexican Food-Fish on the Beach

Best Mexican Food-Fish on the Beach in Puerto Vallarta

We were first introduced to Yolanda and Cuca by our friend Ricardo from Guadalajara in 2002. Our initial "gringo " instinct was not to eat stuff from street taco stands or food being prepared on the beach fish on a stick.... boy were we mistaken! After one bite, you realize this is the most reasonably priced, healthy, fresh food on the beach. These fire roasted, fresh fish skewers have been a hit for us and for so many of our guests over the years. Yolanda's father started selling fish skewers in 1967. She and Cuca have been working the stand since they were kids. The fish is caught fresh daily and is marlin more often than not. It is lightly salted and then brushed with achote and ajo. No Mas! Cantina serves fish skewers like Yolanda's on occasion in our outdoor garden located on the dormant railroad tracks along side the main patio. We often serve skewers and great tacos at special events like Cinco de Mayo, Flux Projects and the Second Friday Art Stroll of Castleberry Hill. While sharing her recipe for the authentic spicing of the marlin, Yolanda also briefed us on her special techinique of sharpening the wooden skewers. She is one of our favorite places on Los Muertos Beach for healthy protein. So next time you are on the beach in Puerto Vallarta, skip the french fries and enjoy a healthy fish skewer of local flavor from Yolanda & Cuca. [gallery columns="4" link="file" ids="4197,4198,4195,4196"]